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Этот слот (кстати, он называется Common Interface - CI) для Conditional Access Module (CAM), предназначен он для раскодировки шифрованного цифрового сигнала. Спрашивать его наличие и приобрести можно у Вашего оператора кабельного телевидения катрочка называется... What is slot? Webopedia Definition Slots are often called expansion slots because they allow you to expand the capabilities of a computer. The boards you insert in expansion slots are calledDo not confuse slots with bays . Bays are sites within the computer where you can install disk drives . Typically, slots are in the back of the computer... What is required to get CI slot working on my tv?In-built...… You have: TV with dvb-c tuner CI slot to take a CAM. The dvb-c tuner may not be HD capable - you'd have to read up on that. You need : A CAM preped for Nagra (joker CAM) & a Nagra card (Atmel/Mosc/Fun etc). or A CAM that can run an EMU of a card. (Diablo with Stealth loaded). » CI + slot assignment description

Nov 13, 2018 · PCMCIA. Short for Personal Computer Memory Card International Association, PCMCIA is a trade association founded in 1989 that is responsible for the ongoing development of the PCMCIA standard. PCMCIA cards are hardware interfaces that are slightly bigger than a standard credit card and enable additional functionality for laptop computers...

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all about CAMs for viewing cards CI Plus: This a new addition to the specification of the standard unit. It is an improvement on the electronics of the CI standard as far as video piracy is concerned.. The CI Plus interface is required to be able to use CI Plus modules for the cable network or other pay TV providers . Слот CI+ что это такое — Телевизоры с CI-слотом… Что такое слот CI+? Мне однозначно сказали что «ДА»!!! Что мне делать.Прочитала у вас что поддерживает мой телевизор DVB-T2…А почему не могли подключить цифровое вещание….Спасибо.Жду ответ.Ольга.г.Н.Тагил. C1+slot fernseher | TOP Games on the Internet What is the purpose of a Ci slot on a TV? Thread starter CryingRaven Start date Dec 31, CryingRaven Member Dec 31, This is the veryOn the other hand, if I need a decoder no matter what, and my decoder has a CI slot i assume i will still have to use that one, not the one in my TV So what exactly... What is a slot time? - FlyerTalk Forums

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what is a ci slot on a set top box for? | Yahoo Answers Can you use top up TV on a TV with a common interface slot? What is the Common Interface (CI) slot for in a Samsung LE32B450 tv? How do I get 'top up tv' on my samsung digital tv? More questions. Which Cam CI Moduls are the best? What is CAM Module CI for TV? Answer Questions. Conventional PCI - Wikipedia